Cesar Vargas: Bernie Sanders Champions Immigration Reform, Not Hillary

Observer News | Dec 10, 2015

Sanders’ Latino Outreach Strategist Cesar Vargas criticizes Clinton for flip-flopping on immigration reform.

“What has to be done to win bipartisan support (for immigration reform) is to develop a very strong grassroots movement—what I call a political revolution. And what a political revolution is about is working to make sure our government represents all of the people and not just wealthy powerful special interests,” said Senator Bernie Sanders during a Families First Dreamers Telecast on December 7. “I believe that when millions of people better understand the plight of undocumented people and the impact the exploitation of undocumented workers has on their lives, we can raise consciousness and move forward to pass comprehensive immigration reform. That is the goal. We want legislation passed. That is long term. My promise is that I will use the executive power of the presidency to the greatest degree that I can. I much prefer legislation, but if we cannot gain legislation, I will use the executive power.”

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Author: UI