Emerald Isle Immigration Center

59-26 Woodside Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377
Phone: 718-478-5502, Fax: 718-446-3727
www.eiic.org, E-mail: siobhand@eiic.org, jstahl@eiic.org

4275 Katonah Avenue
Bronx, NY 10740
Phone: 718-324-3039
Fax: 718-324-7741
E-mail: lisa@eiic.org

The Emerald Isle Immigration Center (EIIC), with two community-based offices, provides a comprehensive array of services, including one-on-one immigration counseling. Irish and other immigrants, including those who are undocumented are invited to avail of EIIC’s programs and services. The Center assists with immigration and citizenship, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, housing, medical insurance, education and protection under the law. The scope of its services includes job-training and placement services, citizenship and voter registration, educational programs, and programs for seniors. Programs and services provided by EIIC include:

+ Immigration services
+ Citizenship application assistance
+ Passport Application forms for Irish passports
+ Employment
+ College information services
+ Health awareness counseling
+ Senior citizen services including assistance with renewal of green cards, information on the bi-lateral social security agreement, support and counseling for depression
+ Information on returning to Ireland
+ Social Services including Mental Health Counseling for depression, relationship issues, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse counseling and support services