Families for Undocumented Irish

Families for the Undocumented Irish is a newly formed, Irish based group which is calling on all Irish family members and friends to lend their voice to the Irish immigrant community, who are unable to speak out directly about their legal status in the US and who currently rely on representative groups and individuals in the US to do so on their behalf.
The group, which brings together parents, relations and friends of the ‘undocumented’ along with both Irish and American immigration support agencies; wants this voice to be heard by the relevant political figures in Ireland during the debate on the issue of immigration reform in the United States.
A show of strength is required to increase pressure on political representatives to deliver on this issue once and for all. We believe that with the thousands of Irish affected, each and every community in Ireland can play their part in helping those who have traveled far from home, more often than not out of economic necessity, only to be forced to live in the shadows while facing extremely challenging social conditions.

Why Now?

As we approach the mid-term elections in the fall, the issue of Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a hot topic for debate in the corridors of power in Washington. Supporters claim there is enough political will on both sides of the aisle in Congress to either ratify an existing Senate Bill or propose an acceptable alternative.
It is essential that the plight of the undocumented Irish not be lost in these debates – that all alternatives are explored and presented in order to deliver a positive conclusion for the 50,000 undocumented currently residing in the U.S.
With political discussions taking place on this issue against the backdrop of mid-terms; the next few months presents the greatest opportunity in over 50 years for some form of legal status for the undocumented be introduced. We believe that Irish families and friends can play a pivotal role in ensuring that the Irish Government fully recognizes its responsibility to its many citizens in the US and that they fully engage with the current US administration to protect the rights of this section of the Irish Immigrant Community, ensure their views are represented and their voices heard.
We ask that those families, friends and communities join with us to progress this issue through a range of activities and actions:

Activities of Families for the Undocumented Irish

  • Providing discussion forums
  • Disseminating of information on policies and discrimination affecting the Undocumented
  • Providing updated on progress and developments at both State and Federal level on the rights of the undocumented
  • Holding public meetings
  • Intensifying political lobbying both in the US and in Ireland
  • Coordinating and developing media awareness/campaigns both at local and national level

For too long this issue has been grossly underrepresented in Ireland.
Lend your voice on behalf of your family members, neighbors and friends.
We need a large collective voice to ensure that on their behalf, we are heard and listened to.
Please contact us by email at:


Thank you.
Families for the Undocumented Irish.

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