History of Immigration Reform after 1980

The Chicago Monitor | By Victoria Barbino | July 11, 2014:

This weekend, Americans across the United States celebrated the Fourth of July and American independence. Meanwhile, in southern California, hundreds of undocumented immigrants, primarily women and children, were en route to Inland Empire border facility in Southern California. The townspeople of Murrieta, California, live in a crossing point for undocumented immigrants and have come to the realization, like many Americans, that the current immigration system has failed the United States and its southern neighbor. Throughout the weekend, demonstrators in Murrieta stood waiting for the three buses of immigrants, where they would stop the buses in order to protest the current immigration laws. Officials redirected the immigrants to a facility in San Ysidro in San Diego County and, much like immigration reform activists across the country, the citizens of Murrieta were kept waiting.
The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (S.747) has sat in the hands of John Boehner since June of last year. Although the bill was written and sponsored by John McCain, former 2008 Republican presidential nominee from Arizona, the GOP has resisted bringing the bill to a vote in the House of Representatives. Many Republican representatives believe that the provision of a path to citizenship is unfair and grants blanket amnesty to those immigrants that came to the United States illegally. Boehner has promised, “The House is going to do its own job in developing an immigration bill”, yet no bill has been written.

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