Immigration reform? Don’t even bother, Mr. President

Miami Herald | Jamelle Bouie | Posted on Saturday, 05.31.14:

…Since 2009, the president has pressed for comprehensive immigration reform at the same time that he’s increased border security. By 2012, in fact, the administration was spending unprecedented sums on border security and immigration enforcement, with results to match: That year, the administration removed 409,849 unauthorized immigrants from the United States, a record number.

Implicit in all of this was a political calculation. If Democrats cracked down on illegal immigrants, then Republicans might be more willing to come to the table for a broader solution. This paid dividends last year, when the Senate passed a comprehensive reform bill that overhauled the nation’s immigration laws with tougher security and a path to legalization and citizenship for 11 million unauthorized immigrants.

But this victory crashed on the shores of the House of Representatives, where tea party Republicans opposed any new overhaul, and could bend House Speaker John Boehner to their will. Their argument for inaction was easy: They couldn’t trust the president…

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Author: UI