Obama’s citizenship push stokes conservative fears

Politico | Sept 21, 2015

The Obama administration and its allies are holding scores of events this week as part of a sweeping new initiative to nudge 8.8 million legal residents who are eligible for naturalization to become full-fledged citizens — and therefore, eligible to vote.

The not-so-secret expectation is that most of them would probably register as Democrats, given the demographics heavy on Hispanics and Asians — a fact that has not been lost on many conservatives.

 “We’re getting lower-income people who are coming in and taking more services, and they’re drawn to the Democrats,” said Ed Martin, president of the right-wing Eagle Forum, which raised the alarm last year in a report titled “How Mass (Legal) Immigration Dooms a Conservative Republican Party.” “That’s what Obama knows, and that’s what the Democrats know, and that’s what Republicans should know and should be fighting back against it,” Martin said.

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Author: UI