Obama’s immigration offer turns the tables on Republicans

The Guardian | Nov 22, 2014

Should Hillary Clinton, or any other Democrat, become the next US president, you may be able to trace their victory to a roll of the political dice played out last week beside a Las Vegas highway. Barack Obama’s cavalcade trundled up the road and into Del Sol high school on Friday to bring his case for the most sweeping immigration reform in decades to a rally in Nevada’s gambling capital.

A bright desert sun illuminated two contrasting tableaux. From the school entrance snaked hundreds of people, mostly Latino, giddy and upbeat, come to hear and cheer a president who had decided to shield almost five million illegal immigrants from deportation by offering them temporary legal status and work permits. Across the street stood about two dozen protesters – white, indignant and angry – with megaphones. Placards amplified the message: “No amnesty!” “Deport them all!” “Oust Obama!”

Democrats from Washington who hitched a ride to the event on Air Force One could not resist smiling. It was a banner day for civil rights. But, more prosaically, the scenes on both sides of the highway sprinkled optimism on their chances of keeping the White House after Obama.

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Author: UI