Temporary Visitors Driver’s License (TVDL) Update

Chicago Irish Immigrant Support | Raia Stoicheva, Immigration Attorney

Raia-StoichevaA quick but heartfelt thank you to our friends at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights who have been working on improving the TVDL program tirelessly and shared the following updates with us.

Fraud Process. TVDL applicants who have obtained a driver’s license using another person’s or a false social security number in the past must report that fact to the Illinois Secretary of State’s office and serve out a 12 month suspension before they will be issued a TVDL. Previously, it was unclear whether SOS would require these applicants to sign any paperwork at their fraud interview. Recently, SOS assured advocates that no one going through the fraud process will be required to sign any statement admitting to fraud. Although this step should decrease the risk of any negative immigration consequences in the future, it is still advisable to speak with an attorney about your particular situation.

Applicants undergoing the fraud process, who have a felony conviction will be blocked from obtaining a TVDL; those with misdemeanor or other minor convictions will not. Under no circumstances will SOS report any TVDL applicant to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Author: UI