Who Is Jason Chaffetz? Voting Record, Immigration Policy For McCarthy Rival

IBT | Oct 4, 2015

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, officially announced his bid to become the new speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Sunday on “Fox News Sunday,” after Rep. John Boehner resigned from the position in September following continuing talk of a government shutdown over funding Planned Parenthood. Chaffetz will go up against Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., the House majority leader, who is Boehner’s presumed successor.

“The American people have entrusted Republicans with the largest majority since the 1920s, but with that majority comes a responsibility to get the job done that we were elected to do,” said Chaffetz, in his official announcement posted to his website.

McCarthy as House majority leader is favored over Chaffetz, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman, though Republicans have continued to question McCarthy’s ability to lead and unite a fracturing GOP. Chaffetz criticized McCarthy’s lack of support among fellow congressmen in an interview with Politico, saying he was unsure McCarthy would be able to garner votes from bothmoderate and hard-core conservatives.

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Author: UI