Women Immigration Reform Activists Plan100-Mile Walk For Historic Papal Speech

IBT | Sept 14, 2015

One hundred women who are members of immigration reform activist groups said they plan to walk 100 miles beginning this week to meet Pope Francis when he arrives in Washington, D.C., to hold mass and address government leaders. The women were set to begin their walk Tuesday at an immigration detention center in York, Pennsylvania, and make 10- to 15-miles’ worth of progress each day until they reach the nation’s capital Sept. 22.

For Cyndia Hicks, a Grand Rapids, Michigan resident, her walk with the Women’s Pilgrimage for Migrant Justice is part of an effort to support Francis’ message of compassion for undocumented immigrants in the U.S. “I can get healthy, get in shape, walk 100 miles, welcome the pope and bond with other women that feel strongly about the same topics as I do, that want to fight for justice,” Hicks said Sunday, according to local NBC affiliate WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids.

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Author: UI